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    Lovette Robinson

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    Bridget Maybury


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  3. Dolores Krebs
    Dolores Krebs

    Univerisity of Rochester, Strong Memorial Hospital, Department of Emergency Medicine
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Dolores Krebs, IAFNs own President-Elect

Was selected as a recipient of a Distinguished Service Award for 2015 from the Rochester Academy of Medicine. She is the first non-physician to receive this award. read more

LCDR Alana Huber and Michelle Ortiz, both Forensic Nurses with the Department of Defense/US Navy

USU Launches First-Ever DoD Sexual Assault Crime Collection Simulation read more



  1. NIJ Online Courses in Death Investigation

    Jan 1 - Sep 30
  2. Adult/Adolescent/Pediatric SANE Training

    Mar 18 - May 15
    Toledo, MD, United States
  3. Adult/Adolescent/Pediatric SANE Training

    Mar 18 - May 15
    Toledo, OH, United States


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    looking and wanting to get involved SART

    Posted in: California

    Hello everyone, As I come to the end of my SANE course from UCR, I am wanting to get involved. I want to help to form a SART team in Southern California, either Los Angeles County or San Bernardino...

  • Cheryl Querry

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Thank you everyone for your wonderful responses. I guess I just need to look at things differently. This is why I love this venue! Cheryl

  • Denise Atkinson


    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I teach SANEs all over the state of Georgia and I have them sign a form acknowledging they understand the use of credentials. I don't use the term " certified' in reference to completing my class...

  • Cheryl Querry

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I guess I just hate telling all of the attendee's to our training that even though they are going to work their butts off for this certification, and even though we will award them a certificate after...

Journal of Forensic NursingĀ®

Author Feature
Robin Baumann, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNRN, is the primary author of the article titled, The Role of Forensic Death Investigators Interacting with the Survivors of Death by Homicide and Suicide, published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing January/March 2015 issue. Read more...


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