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    Sharon Dickman

    Carousel Center
    Wilmington, NC

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  2. Myna Shegog
    Myna Shegog

    Captain James A Lovell Federal Health Care Center
    North Chicago, IL

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    Karen Silva

    Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
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Sheila Early's is a Game Changer..

Early and her colleagues on the ED management team set out to explore ways to provide timely and appropriate care for sexual assault patients. read more

Myna Shegog educates the Navy

As the subject matter expert for the SAFE kit scene, Shegog reviewed and made recommendations to the script, helped the actors with their verbal and physical communication through the forensic exam process, taught and demonstrated activities that were... read more



  • Denise Atkinson

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Michele, Just an FYI, the SANE-A and SANE-P are national certifications, not state, and unless you have been through the recertification process by CEs, you really can't understand how stringent...

  • photo not available

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I hear what everyone is saying about having to be certified in order to put SANE as a credential next to your name vs. under your name. But lets be real, a state certification does not mean, show,...

  • Sheilah Priori

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Very interesting topic of discussion especially at a time when laws have been passed (SB1191) to offer the sevices of a trained SANE in Emergency Rooms with 24/7 capibility yet no clear guidlines are...

  • Vikki Vodosia

    RE: SANE vs SANE-A

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I teach SANE classes across Alabama, and I will discuss the difference between a SANE "trained" RN and a SANE "certified" RN so they understand the reasoning behind the signature. They understand this...

Journal of Forensic NursingĀ®

Author Feature
Robin Baumann, RN, MSN, CCRN, CNRN, is the primary author of the article titled, The Role of Forensic Death Investigators Interacting with the Survivors of Death by Homicide and Suicide, published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing January/March 2015 issue. Read more...


Vikki Vodosia

Vikki Vodosia

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