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April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Sexual Assault Awareness month (SAAM) in the United States.

SAAM involves vital partners in anti-sexual violence.  The National Sexual Violence Resource Center (SSVRC) with multilingual Access Project plan resources and efforts such as lighting at Niagara Falls to usher in Sexual Assault Awareness Month.   Teal is the color to wear in support of efforts to prevent sexual assaults.  This year special attention is on campus sexual violence.  The Hunting Ground is and expose of sexual assaults on U.S campuses and the institutional cover-ups, and the societal toll on victims and families.

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What is Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nurses specialize in caring for victims and perpetrators of violence. They care for the physical, psychological, and social trauma that occurs in patients who have been assaulted or abused. Forensic nurses also have a specialized knowledge of the legal system and collect evidence, provide medical testimony in court, and provide consultation to legal authorities. To learn more about Forensic Nursing, please visit the IAFN website.

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