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  1. Rebecca Fears
    Rebecca Fears

    Landstuhl Regional Medical Center

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  2. Joanne Hatt
    Joanne Hatt

    Passaic County Prosecutor's Office
    Totowa, NJ

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  3. Jean Cheek
    Jean Cheek

    VCU Medical Center
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Becky O'Neal sheads light on rape kit backlog

O’Neal believes every kit should be tested, regardless of whether or not it evolves into evidence for a criminal case. read more

Kelli Clune earns 2014 Bill Barnet Service Above Self Award



  1. NIJ Online Courses in Death Investigation

    Jan 1 - Sep 30
  2. Online SANE-A Course

    Jan 12 - Mar 23
    United States
  3. SANE Adult/Adolescent

    Mar 3 - 6
    Kansas City, MO, United States


  • Leslie Doerfler

    Share a Business Plan for Start up Sane Program

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I am interested in looking at other Sane Programs Business Plan especial if you are a traveling program that responds to more than one hospital. I have already look on the Sustainability App. Please...

  • Cynthia Ferguson

    Positions Open for Forensic Nurses SANE (adults...

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Greetings, All. Our office is actively recruiting for forensic nurses interested in applying for a perdiem positions working in the area of sexual assault. Palomar Health is a non-profit organization...

  • Cynthia Ferguson

    Forced Oral Sex DNA collection

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Greetings, everyone. A year or so ago, there was a discussion at one of the conferences regarding the use of dental floss versus swish/spit for gathering additional forensic evidence from...

  • photo not available

    SANE-P Certification Exam

    Posted in: Pediatric Sexual ...

    I am studying for the Peds exam. Having reviewed the resources on the recommended reference list, educational guidelines and the National Protocol for adults/adolescents, I am looking for pediatric...

Journal of Forensic Nursing®

Author Feature
Dr. Mary Carr is the primary author of the article, Debunking Three Rape Myths featured in the JFN October-December 2014 issue. This article is accredited for continuing education units (please see journal article for further information on obtaining CE units) Read more.


Vikki Vodosia

Carey Goryl

Jan Wiebe

SANE brochure

Posted in: Sexual Assault