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Forensic nurse Linda Walther provides care to victims of sexual assault. Compassion defines her appr

"If I had found that job 20 years ago, I think I would have been able to do so much more in my career as a sexual assault nurse examiner," Walther said, standing in an exam room at Hennepin County Medical Center. "It's really my passion and what I... read more

Congratulations to IAFN President-elect Dee Krebs who has been selected as a 2015 Fellow of the AANP

Dee joins a group of leaders whose scholarly and forward thinking contributions have led to meaningful improvements to healthcare and the Nurse Practitioner role. read more



  1. NIJ Online Courses in Death Investigation

    Jan 1 - Sep 30
  2. Adult/Adolescent/Pediatric SANE Training

    Mar 18 - May 15
    Toledo, MD, United States
  3. Adult/Adolescent/Pediatric SANE Training

    Mar 18 - May 15
    Toledo, OH, United States


  • Carey Goryl

    Exhaustion is not a status symbol

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    If you haven't seen this article by Brene Brown yet in the Washington Post, I hope you check it out. Exhaustion is not a status symbol ...

  • Carey Goryl

    Die Empty...

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Hey Book club, I wanted to check in and see how everyone was liking the book, Die Empty, by Todd Henry. Are folks still reading through it? Are the rest of the chapters living up to the first...

    1 person recommends this.
  • Leslie Doerfler

    Share a Business Plan for Start up Sane Program

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    I am interested in looking at other Sane Programs Business Plan especial if you are a traveling program that responds to more than one hospital. I have already look on the Sustainability App. Please...

Journal of Forensic NursingĀ®

Author Feature
Faye Carlson, MS, RN is the primary author of the article, Characteristics of Child Sexual Assault within a Child Advocacy Center Client Population published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing January/March 2015 issue. Read more.


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Vikki Vodosia

Vikki Vodosia