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  1. Stephanie Wade
    Stephanie Wade

    Forensic Nursing Services of Providence
    Anchorage, AK

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    Eileen Carlin

    Nemours/AI duPont Hospital for Children
    Wilmington, DE

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  3. Jaclyn Jackson
    Jaclyn Jackson

    Office of the Illinois Attorney General
    Chicago, IL

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Virginia's own Jean Cheek and Melissa Harper in the news

Jean and Melissa just finished serving on the Virginia Governor's College Campus Sexual Violence Task Force read more

Surrey Forensic Nursing Team Helping Victims of Violence Rebuild their Lives

IAFN member Lynn Gifford leads the team of twenty forensic nurses at SMH. Read about their team and the patients they care for. read more



  • Patricia Speck

    RE: Children Advocacy Center Federal Legislatio...

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Jaclyn, This is a great question and an opportunity to explain the "lived experience" and personal recollection of Child Advocacy Centers development. My experience with CACs began in the early 1980s...

  • Jaclyn Jackson

    Children Advocacy Center Federal Legislation

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Can anyone me find the federal legislation that initiated Children Advocacy Centers? I am especially looking for what they state about scope of practice. Thank you,

  • Sheila Early

    RE: a story and a thought for the week

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Erin, you are so right.. the good so outweighs the bad out there in the world. Thanks for sharing your story too. A stranger returned my wallet after it fell out of my purse at a cross walk and I...

  • Erin Lamar

    RE: a story and a thought for the week

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Wow Carey! What a story! Good for you for demanding to be heard & stepping up when you needed to! I would like to point out another takeaway from your story that resonated with me: This...

Journal of Forensic NursingĀ®

Author Feature
Patty R. Wilson, PhD(c), RN is the primary author of the article, House to House, Shelter to Shelter: Experiences of Black Women Seeking Housing After Leaving Abusive Relationships published in the Journal of Forensic Nursing April/June 2015 issue. Read more....  


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Vikki Vodosia

Vikki Vodosia