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Featured Author

Journal of Forensic Nursing® Author Feature


Claire Newman RN, MN is our currently featured author.  She is the an author of the article A Survey of Stress and Burnout in Forensic Mental Health Nursing published in the July/September 2020 issue of the Journal of Forensic Nursing

Claire Newman is Senior Research Officer for Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health Network in New South Wales, Australia. Claire’s nursing career began in correctional nursing in 2004, followed by forensic nursing in secure mental health facilities. Motivated by her curiosity for learning, Claire has dedicated the last 13 years to conducting research in the criminal justice system. Correctional and forensic mental health nurses work in a challenging environment, and Claire is passionate about conducting research that seeks new possibilities to improve the health and wellbeing of this population group. Currently, in addition to other research projects, Claire is exploring the incidence and impact of trauma that forensic mental health nurses are exposed to in the workplace. You can learn more about her current work at https://www.justicehealth.nsw.gov.au/research/practice-development-unit-research