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    Jennifer Meyer

    Providence Alaska Medical Center
    Anchorage, AK

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    Lisa Chua

    Spina Bifida Assoc of SA

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    Mary Molly Shea

    Erie County Medical Center
    Buffalo, NY

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Donna Moore, Lynda Tiefel, & Kathy Walker Recognized

Three Tallahassee SANE-A nurses were recognized with appreciation for exceptional service to victims of sexual assault. Donna Moore, RN, SANE-A, Lynda Tiefel, RN, SANE-A and Kathy Walker, RN, SANE-A recieved plaques during the “Our Community Responds... read more

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    Silent Auction in Pheonix

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Hi Everyone! The International Conference on Forensic Nursing Science and Practice is fast approaching; aren't you getting excited?!? If you have ever been to Conference before you know that one...

  • Carey Goryl

    Another thought about the book, Lean In

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Hello everyone, I've made a note to send a note each Monday about our current book, Lean In. I was thinking about the phenomenon of how those higher up the ladder extend their hand to those on...

  • Charles Kiessling

    RE: Entering into DI

    Posted in: Death Investigati...

    Having served as the elected Coroner here in Lycoming County since 2000 and speaking with many nurses who have expressed interest in working in the death investigation field, I understand the frustrations....

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    RE: Entering into DI

    Posted in: Death Investigati...

    Good points Rachell and Jim I understand your frustration, The big push is for review teams to combine, such as: fetal, infant, child, maternal and IPV deaths be reviewed together. Another place...

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Amy Pollpeter

Charles Kiessling