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  1. DeVonn Dillard
    DeVonn Dillard

    Texas Health Dallas
    Dallas, TX

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  2. Kathleen Maguire
    Kathleen Maguire

    International Association of Forensic Nurses
    Elkridge, MD

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  3. Jan Wiebe
    Jan Wiebe

    The Children's Mercy Hospital
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Becky O'Neal sheads light on rape kit backlog

O’Neal believes every kit should be tested, regardless of whether or not it evolves into evidence for a criminal case. read more

Kelli Clune earns 2014 Bill Barnet Service Above Self Award




  • Elizabeth Louden

    RE: I'm really excited to read this book

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Having read Todd Henry before; I read this first chapter as soon as I received Carey's e-mail. What he says is undeniably true – in all respects. We all want to "leave part of us" behind, in some...

  • Carey Goryl

    I'm really excited to read this book

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    Hello everyone, So the discussion about Start with Why was so hard, let's move on! In looking at the last two votes we did on books to read, I'm going to go ahead and suggest we read our second...

  • Elise Turner

    Progesterone ECP

    Posted in: Sexual Assault

    Many SANE practices are using progesterone-only ECP. There has been growing concern about the effectiveness for obese patients. Here is an interesting article: ...

  • DeVonn Dillard

    RE: Why did you like or not the book, Start with...

    Posted in: Leadership Book C...

    I never started the book, went to several stores to make purchase but it wasn't in stock. I kind of figured it would be "repetitive" in nature as most books that are "related to life changing answers...

Journal of Forensic Nursing®

Author Feature
Dr. Brian McKenna is the author of The Transformation from Custodial to Recovery-Oriented Care: A Paradigm Shift that Needed to Happen, published in the October-December issue of JFN. Dr. McKenna also serves on the JFN Editorial Board. Read more.


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