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Featured Author

Journal of Forensic Nursing® Author Feature


Deanna R. Befus, PhD, RN is our currently featured author.  She is the lead author of the article Advancing Health Equity and Social Justice in Forensic Nursing Research, Education, Practice, and Policy: Introducing Structural Violence and Trauma- and Violence-Informed Care published in the Oct/Dec 2019 issue of the Journal of Forensic Nursing
Deanna R. Befus, PhD, RN received her PhD from Duke University in 2017 and completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine and Health Equity at the Wake Forest School of Medicine. As an Assistant Professor, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing at Western University, she is a member of the Gender, Trauma, and Violence Knowledge Incubator and the Centre for Health Equity and Social Inclusion. She is interested in leveraging research as a tool for advancing health equity and social justice. Her interdisciplinary research explores the influences of structural violence, stress, and trauma on individual and community wellbeing and agency. Her current projects include using systems thinking and community engagement approaches to examine the self-management strategies of women experiencing social inequity and chronic pain, issues of food sovereignty and community resilience in the face of climate change, and supporting clinicians and health systems in delivering more trauma- and violence-informed, equitable care. .