Welcome to the North Carolina IAFN Chapter!

members The North Carolina Chapter of the International Association of Forensic Nurses is the only professional organization in the state of North Carolina designed to unite forensic nurses and those interested in the science of forensics. Our goal is to provide enhanced communication and educational opportunities throughout our state. For general questions please email questions to deborah_flowers@med.unc.edu

What is Forensic Nursing

Forensic Nursing is the application of nursing science to public or legal proceedings; the application of the forensic aspects of health care combined with the bio-psycho-social education of the registered nurse in the scientific investigation and treatment of trauma and/or death of victims and perpetrators of abuse, violence, criminal activity and traumatic accidents.

The forensic nurse provides direct services to individual clients, consultation services to nursing, medical and law related agencies, as well as providing expert court testimony in areas dealing with trauma and/or questioned death investigative processes, adequacy of services delivery and specialized diagnoses of specific conditions as related to nursing.   lady

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For those who are already IAFN members and wish to join the North Carolina chapter,  yearly membership is $30. If you have any questions please contact the chapter president.

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